How Crawlers Learn - 8 to 18 Months Old

What Do Crawlers Do? Learn to read
  • Use sounds and gestures to say hello or get attention.
  • Point at things they want.
  • Say a few simple words.
  • Like rhymes and simple songs.
  • Enjoy reading with a favorite person.
  • Turn the pages in sturdy cardboard books.
  • Put objects such as nesting cups inside each other.
  • Fill containers with water or small objects, then dump them out.
  • Hold large crayons and make marks on paper.
How Do Crawlers and Walkers Learn?
Marcus picks up a book with cardboard pages and a duck on the cover. He puts the book in his mouth for a moment, then waves it in the air. Marcus looks at his big sister, Maria, and makes noises that sound a lot like words. Maria says, "Do you want to read? Bring the book to me. We can read together."

With book in hand, Marcus crawls to Maria. She lifts Marcus into her lap and holds the book so that he can see it. She points to the duck on the cover. "That's a duck. Let's see what's inside." Learn to read and write

Marcus turns the page. He pats the picture and says something that sounds like words. "That's right," says Maria. "The baby is in the bathtub."

After looking at a few more pages, Marcus squirms and wiggles. "Okay," says Maria. "Have you read enough? Let me help you down." She puts Marcus on the floor and he crawls away.

Like many other crawlers, Marcus is learning about language:
- He knows that people will respond to his sounds and actions.
- He thinks it's fun to look at books with another person.
- He knows how to wait for his turn while talking and reading with his sister.

Marcus's sister, Maria, helps him learn about language:
- She responds to his sounds and actions as if he were saying words.
- She lets him turn the pages of the book.
- She talks to him about what he seems to be saying.
- She lets him find something else to do when he has lost interest in reading.

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